Global Manufacturers of Smoke Pesticides

Octavius Hunt was founded in 1870 and is now the largest smoke manufacturer in Europe. Our company has unrivalled technical expertise in the development and production of smoke products and widespread experience in working with a range of insecticides, fungicides, acaricides and other substances. Octavius Hunt is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited organisation. Read more >


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Why use smoke pesticides?

  • Benefits

    Smoke products are an effective and easy to use solution.

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  • Product Solutions

    Our products have been developed over time to meet customer demands.

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  • Natural Alternatives

    Smoke products that don’t cost the earth.

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  • Knockdown and Kill

    Public health pesticides for effective disinfestation in enclosed spaces.

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Octavius Hunt heads to Grain Tech Expo with FG Group

Our Technical Director Nick Dale attended Kiev’s Grain Tech Expo last week and was pleased to visit the stand of one of our newest distributors, FG Group. Octavius Hunt now have two distributors in the Ukraine: FG Group and Spetstechnologia. … Read more >