Drain and Airflow Smoke Generator

Drain and Airflow smoke generator


Octavius Hunt‘s team has developed a Drain and Airflow smoke generator which is a vital and unbeatable tool to aid in:

  • detecting cracks, faults, and potential entrances for rodents into properties
  • pinpointing leaks inside freight containers, transport vehicles, grain storages, avoiding water infiltration, damaged cargo and wasted energy
  • detecting air movement or testing the ventilation/installation of fans within a greenhouse

The Drain and Airflow smoke generator is available in various sizes and produces a non-toxic white smoke.

Benefits of Drain and Airflow smoke generator?

  • Inexpensive and effective tool
  • Ready-to-use smoke generator that requires no mixing or application equipment
  • Released smoke penetrates into remote corners and all hard-to-reach places
  • No need to move equipment before use
  • Non-toxic smoke

Where to use Drain and Airflow smoke generator?

  • Pest Control: private houses, public hygiene areas, commercial and industrial premises, warehouses, farms

Prevent rodents to enter your premises

  • Agriculture and Horticulture: greenhouses, silos, grain stores, farms

Detect Airflow and Air Movement using Drain Smoke Generator

  • Transportation: freight containers, transport vehicles

Detect Leaks in transport and freight containers using Drain and airflow smoke tester