Drain and Airflow Smoke Generator

Drain and Airflow smoke generator


Octavius Hunt‘s team has developed a Drain and Airflow smoke generator which is a vital and unbeatable tool to aid in:

  • detecting cracks, faults, and potential entrances for rodents into properties
  • pinpointing leaks inside freight containers, transport vehicles, grain storage, avoiding water infiltration, damaged cargo and wasted energy
  • detecting air movement or testing the ventilation/installation of fans within a greenhouse

This smoke generator is available in various sizes and produces a non-toxic white smoke.

Benefits of Drain and Airflow smoke generator:

  • Non-toxic white smoke
  • Inexpensive and effective tool
  • Ready-to-use smoke generator that requires no mixing or application equipment
  • Released smoke penetrates into remote corners and all hard-to-reach places
  • No need to move equipment before use

Where to use it?

  • Pest Control: private houses, public hygiene areas, commercial and industrial premises, warehouses, farms

Prevent rodents to enter your premises

Drain smokes are a valuable tool to aid in detecting cracks, faults and potential entrances for rodents into properties. These smokes burn for approximately 2-3 minutes producing white smoke that helps to spot any holes or gaps around or under your property.


  • Agriculture and Horticulture: greenhouses, silos, grain stores, farms

Detect Airflow and Air Movement using Drain Smoke Generator

The greenhouse’s air flow plays a pivotal role in plant health and crop production. Detecting the air movement or testing the ventilation/installation of fans is very important as air circulation within a greenhouse serves many purposes.


  • Transportation: freight containers, transport vehicles

Detect Leaks in transport and freight containers using Drain and airflow smoke tester

Avoid water infiltration, damaged cargo, and wasted energy with these white smokes that will quickly fill the space and escape through the leaks allowing you to identify and mark them for repair.