Pediment Smoke Generator

Pediment smoke generator used for crop protection

Contains:  10% Pirimicarb

Pediment smoke generator is fast acting (“knockdown effect”) and designed to attack aphids deeply hidden in plants.

It is non-harmful to crops and plants and harmless to beneficial insects such as bumble bees and ladybirds. In situations where beneficial insects, especially bees, are at risk, pirimicarb is strongly recommended over other insects.

Pediment smoke generators have the advantage of the ease of use plus the fact that this method allows the crops to remain dry.

The smoke generator can be applied in growing vegetables, fruits and ornamentals under glass as well as in storage places for bulbs, seed potatoes, and beetroots.

Approvals and Authorizations

The use of Pediment Smoke Generator may be subject to local regulation and a registration may be required. Please check with your local authorities or contact us to know more about the registration in your country.