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Orion Crop Protection has worked with Octavius Hunt for more than 10 years.  Octavius Hunt are one of our most highly valued supply partners because they provide expert support for the specialty products they provide.  Along with professional service and support the team at Octavius Hunt are a pleasure to deal with and can always be trusted to follow through on any queries or commitments.  For companies seeking high quality products, expert service and professional support I am happy to provide Octavius Hunt with my highest recommendation.

Murray Hern
General Manager
Orion Crop Protection
New Zealand




Working with Octavius Hunt was a real pleasure, especially due to the highly motivated people, giving adequate support to deliver good quality product in time. Due to the long term trustful relationship and mutual interest to keep our unique Pirimor smoke generator registered, we are still able to offer this product to covered crop growers in The Netherlands, delivering a convenient application technique to control aphids in especially integrated crop programs.

Jan Mostert
Head Ornamental Controls
Flowers, Home and Garden EAME
Syngenta Seeds
The Netherlands




At the moment Irtó Trió buy Permethrin Smoke Generators from Octavius Hunt. The product is cost efficient and gives effective control of flying and crawling insects in difficult to reach places. We appreciate the friendly business relationship we have with Octavius Hunt. For nearly a year Octavius Hunt has faithfully delivered top quality products to our door. Their staff have consistently made extra efforts to assist us in completing our projects on time. It is a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency. We look forward to many more years of such a successful cooperation. Thank you!

Renáta Récsi
Business Executive
Irtó Trió Kft.