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About Us

pesticide and disinfectant smoke manufacturer

Octavius Hunt has over 50 years experience in the production of pesticide and disinfectant smoke generators and offers its development and production expertise and resources for collaborative projects across a range of markets in the UK and overseas.

Founded in 1870, Octavius Hunt still manufactures on the founding site in Bristol, UK and is a privately owned limited company with a history of strong values.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and all of our products are subject to stringent testing. Products can be provided with our own artwork or manufactured and printed to our client’s specifications.

Our product range of pesticide and disinfectant smoke generators includes:

  • Pesticide smokes for the treatment of any enclosed area
  • Natural smoke products for treatment of sensitive areas
  • Industrial smokes for testing airflow in pipes and ductwork
  • Disinfectants for areas requiring a complete hygiene treatment
What we offer:
Octavius Hunt pesticide and disinfectant smoke manufacturer
  • Products manufactured in the UK
  • Efficient production and warehousing facilities
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited
  • Smoke generators expertise
  • Qualified chemists
  • Extensive regulatory experience and knowledge
  • Highly experienced management team
  • Product testing smoke bombs
  • Fully equipped laboratory and pilot plant facility
  • Stringent quality control
  • Develop smoke generators
  • Dynamic NPD program
  • Experienced research team
  • Actively expanding into new markets
  • pesticide and disinfectant smoke generators
  • Global exports to varied markets
  • Fast and efficient
  • Fully qualified Dangerous Goods Advisors