The power of disinfectant smoke Fumite™ OPP

May 5, 2020

In these uncertain times, Octavius Hunt has been working hard to keep up with demand for their disinfectant smoke generator, Fumite™ OPP. Along with our network of global distributors the company is successfully maintaining supply of the fumer into international markets to ensure the protection and safety of any enclosed environment.

We all have a responsibility to contribute where we can in this public health crisis and keeping viruses and bacteria away is crucial in the fight to control the spread of infections. Fumigation using Fumite™ OPP is an essential part of any disinfection program. Fumite™ OPP smoke generators are an effective aerial and surface disinfectant against 99.9% of well-known bacteria and viruses.

Fumite™ OPP smoke generators are safe and easy to use. Following label instructions users can successfully disinfect treatment areas with very limited operator exposure. The pre-dosed tins are left in a sealed environment and provide a uniform dispersion of smoke which carries the disinfectant to all surfaces and reaching inaccessible areas for a thorough treatment.

Fumite™ OPP is safe to use in production and storage areas, domestic, commercial and medical premises along with agricultural areas, particularly silos and animal housing. Generators are available in various tin sizes to cater for different treatment areas.

Find out more about OPP here and contact Octavius Hunt for more product information or if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

How to light Fumite OPP smoke generators: