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Company Milestones

Octavius Hunt Timeline: 1870 – 2019

– A Portrait of Achievement –
1870 Company established by Mr. Octavius Hunt to manufacture matches (remained in Hunt family until 1912)
1912 Company sold to Bryant and May
1930 First UK company to manufacture sparklers.
1970 Management buy-out and Octavius Hunt purchased the company from Bryant and May continuing to manufacture matches in the Bristol factory
1970 Bought the smoke pesticide division from Pains Wessex, including the ‘Fumite™’ (trademark) brand, and began manufacturing smoke generators (Lindane, DDT)
1972 Pirimor smoke generator developed to protect greenhouse crops for ICI (now Syngenta)
1977 Actellic smoke generator developed to target grain pests in empty stores for ICI (now Syngenta)
1979 Began manufacturing Permethrin smoke generators to combat both urban and agriculture pests
1980 Began supplying smoke generators to Wellcome (now Bayer)
1981 Appointed contract manufacturer for Clinafarm – Janssen (now Elanco)
1990 Won the UK Ministry of Defence contract to supply waterproof/windproof matches
1991 First, and still the only, UK manufacturer to produce industrial smoke pellets used to check for leaks in plumbing, heating and ventilation
1992 Sparkler production ceased with move to importing pyrotechnic products. Over the years Octavius Hunt supplied many of the UK’s major firework companies and retail businesses such us: John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Calendar Club and Paperchase
1993 Began collaboration with HortiChem (now Certis)
1994 First fireworks manufacturer in the UK to be awarded ISO accreditation
1995 Developed Cypermethrin smoke pellet as a low cost, broad spectrum pest control product for Latin American Market
1996 Began exporting smoke generators with Middle East the first overseas market
1996 Began collaboration with Rentokil – worldwide distribution of Fumite smoke generators
1997 Began working with Bob Martin – developed “Flea Bomb” for domestic use
1998 Management buy-out and Octavius Hunt once again privately owned family business
1998 Won contract to supply matches to Australian Army
1999 Supply smoke pellets to British Gas
1999 25 millionth handmade match produced
2000 Bought rights to Actellic brand;
Began exporting to Australia & New Zealand
2001 Began supplying smoke generators into European market;
Appointed US distributor
2003 Expanded distributor network to Asia
2007 Cypermethrin smoke generators developed for larger treatment areas, initially for African market
2008 BioFume natural smoke range launched and Octavius Hunt registered ‘BioFume™’ as their trade mark to protect their brand.
2012 Fumite OPP disinfectant smoke generator developed
2013 Launched company rebrand to build company brand identity and strengthen position as a leading pesticide and disinfectant smoke manufacturer
2015 Match production ceased;
Began supplying smoke generators into Russia
2016 Pyrotechnic products such as sparklers no longer imported. Focus solely on smoke generators which continued to be manufactured in UK factory
2018 Expanded distribution network in Middle East region
2019 Focus on new product development