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Case Studies

New product development – finding effective solutions to meet market demand

Zeneca, Latin America

Cypermethrin_tabletsOctavius Hunt’s Cypermethrin Tablets were originally developed for Zeneca to fulfill a specific market requirement in Latin America. Zeneca identified a need for a smoke pesticide to clean pests from farm buildings in the Pampa, where there were huge spaces with high ceilings and high insect pressure.

Octavius Hunt formulated and developed the product to the following clear brief:

  • The smoke tablet had to produce a large amount of smoke because the consumer associated smoke with effectiveness
  • The product had to be of high quality and be reliable as this is something that consumers had come to expect from other Zeneca products in the market
  • The product had to deal with the target pests effectively and had to be very low in cost as the market was particularly price sensitive

Successfully meeting each criteria Octavius Hunt developed Cypermethrin Tablets which are fast, easy and thorough with proven activity against a wide range of pests. Each tablet is wrapped in a specialist polymer sleeve that can be used to ignite the tablet. The consumer therefore does not need to come into contact with the pesticide, this provides a positive stewardship message to both consumers and regulators.