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About Smoke Pesticides

Why Use Smoke Pesticides?

The benefits of using pesticide smoke products include:

  • Generators are ready to-use so do not require mixing or application equipment
  • It’s simple and easy to use: no special training or equipment is required
  • Smoke has a Mass Median Diameter of 2.5 µm making it ideal for flushing insects from the harbourages and providing rapid knockdown and kill
  • Smoke reaches inaccessible areas: roofs; cracks and crevices; inside machinery
  • Pesticide is deposited on vertical, horizontal and underside of horizontal surfaces ensuring thorough treatment
  • There is low operator exposure
  • Smoke is non-tainting and leaves no residual odour
  • Optimum effective use of small quanities of pesticide, minimising impact on environment
  • Low groundwater contamination – low environmental impact